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Keep Up the Exercise During the Cooler Weather

Stay Active All Year

In the Northern Hemisphere, the days are getting shorter and the cooler weather is here. Fall also means rainy days for many places. If you have been active this summer, you can continue being active all year long. Here are some ideas for you to use as you see fit:

1. Buy Rain Jackets to Use on Rainy Days

2. Buy a Warm Jacket for Cold Days

3. Consider Joining a Mall Walkers Group

4. Go Snow Shoeing when the Snowy Days Come

5. Use an Indoor Facility on Bad Weather Days

I have had some serious health issues myself and getting motivated to go for a walk is not as easy in the colder wet months of the year. Arthritis is an issue for me and millions of people. Once you get moving though, the walk does wonders for your mood and physical health. Studies show that even a 10 minute walk can have a large impact on your health. So if you cannot get a 30 minute walk in each day, consider finding 3 periods of 10 minutes so you can accomplish a daily walking goal of completing a 30 minute walk.

I know I was able to give up television programs that added no value to my life and found plenty of time to go for walks and take better care of myself. Do you have any other suggestions for people that want to stay fit through out the year?

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  • Was 41 degrees this morning when I walked a mile to the laundry. Still decided to go for another walk because it helps my low back pain issues. Walking is so healthy for the body.

  • Susan Parker

    Yes, Exercise can increase the blood circulation in the body. Also it can grant you warmth that can also prevent you from health complications. Besides, exercise always has its manifold benefits.

    • Just getting folks out for daily walks would do wonders for everyone. Even if the weather is inclement, there are mall walking groups. Thanks for stopping by Susan!

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