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Jesus Christ Was a Protestant

Jesus Christ was a Protestant.

There are 2 options for Christian people:

1. Bible Based Christianity

2. Man Based Christianity

Baptism with Holy Spirit1. a. The Bible teaches that the Blood of the Lamb of God ( Jesus ) restores the repentant sinner to God. Man only has to believe & accept Jesus. Instead of having ATONEMENT ( Broken down means = at one with God ) by animal sacrifices which was the Old Covenant under the Mosaic Law, the New Covenant is based on the death of Jesus on the Cross at Calvary. Acts 2:38

b. Bible based Christianity follows the total immersion in water by all that can once the person has accepted Jesus as their Savior. The reason total immersion is so critical is it symbolizes the death to the old sinful self going down into the water & the new life in Jesus Christ when you come up out of the water. Matthew 3:16

c. The word for Saturday in hundreds of languages of the world is ‘Sabbath’. The word with a capital ‘S’ appears 96 times in the Old Testament & 59 times in the New Testament of the Bible.

holyGenesis 2 tells us that the seventh-day Sabbath ( Saturday ) was a day that God Blessed, Sanctified & Rested from all His Work. this was right before Adam was created.

In Exodus 20:8-12, God tells us to Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it Holy. God wants us to honor each Sabbath as a rest day to remember that He is our Creator & Redeemer. Bible based Christians follow the Seventh-day Sabbath & rest from Friday sunset through Saturday sunset. It is a time for family, Bible study, fellowship with other Christians, worship & avoiding the cares of this world.

2. a. Roman Catholicism teaches you are saved by your works. This does away with Atonement. It brings in more error including the concept of an immortal soul & purgatory.

b. Catholicism adopted sprinkling water over the head of a person in their worship services back in 1311. You can still see old baptismal pools in the oldest cathedrals in Europe when the Catholic church still followed the Bible example of full immersion in water.

Sabbath6c. Catholicism adopted the Pagan sun worship celebrations & declared that the Catholic church has the authority to change the Sabbath from Saturday to Sunday. The Early Christian Church still worshiped on the Seventh-day ( Saturday ) Sabbath for the first 300 years of the religion. The change was instituted by the Emperor Constantine around 330 AD. Catholic Encyclicals discuss this openly & you can find out more on the church’s website which is catholic.com

Did you know that the Prophet Daniel predicted that there would be a Power that thinks to change the times & the law over 600 years before Jesus Christ was on this earth? Read Daniel 7:25

Bible Based Christianity is rapidly growing. Contact me if you want some free online Bible studies.

Sources Used: My own Bible study & listening to Pastor Walter Veith preach on Amazing Discoveries a sermon titled: “I Want My Church Back”.

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