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I Was Lost and Jesus Found Me

Just realized I had not shared my conversion process of how I went from someone who knew about Jesus to someone who knows Jesus, has experienced Him & His Peace.
I left the church of my youth when I went off to college. Had serious problems come up from about 1975 through February 1994. There were accidents, lost jobs, many relationship problems & other problems that come up living on what is known as ‘SELF-WILL’.
I didn’t want to have anything to do with God. Was chasing the high life so to say. On a winter morning I walked into a Veterans Hospital near death. From that time till today, I know that there is some POWER in the world that does fine managing the world without me being involved. I have had every single need met since that day.
By learning that God is living in people, I was able to begin what I call my growth journey. When an opportunity to minister to hurting souls came up whether in jails, prisons, hospitals or nursing homes, I am thankful that my resolve was and still is to always say “Yes, I will Go” & be a part of that outreach or mission work. I knew I was in God’s Will, not mine when I was following the guidance of God. There was still some more growth that needed to happen.
After being outsourced from the best employer I ever worked for in 2005, I bought some property in the country & used my Business education to go to work for myself. While living out in this rural area, a neighbor asked me if I wanted to study the Bible. I had just read the Bible through the past year & said “Yes” to the person that asked me.
Real Important Point Here:
Who did the searching ? I had started the process by reading the Bible the past year then God sent this neighbor into my life & that is how God works. He is searching for every soul as He Loves All.
Andrews Study BibleWhen you study the Bible with someone, the Word comes out more powerful & I learned what it means to ask for the Holy Spirit to be with us as we studied. I learned so much truth that I had just never noticed or glossed over so to say.
About 3 months or so after starting this process, I agreed to be baptized by immersion in a baptismal pool just like Jesus was baptized in the River Jordan. I remember feeling so much relief that all that filth from my past, and trust me I was the dirtiest soul but was now washed clean.
I had noticed a calming peace come into my life all during this process of when I began attending a church that believes strongly in following the clear guidance of God found in His Word the Bible. Things that used to bother me no longer sent me into an emotional state of upset. Anger stopped coming up at ordinary things like someone cutting you off in traffic or someone doing behaviors that I don’t like such as blasting music so loud in their vehicle that it hurts your ears.
Baptism with Holy SpiritOn the day I was baptized, it was my oldest sister’s birthday in 2007. I came home & felt so much joy, peace, & a sense that I was forgiven for all of my past sins & bad behaviors. It was a warm late summer day & I looked out at the tall Douglas Fir trees at the end of the little farm God had loaned me & I had the most incredible thing happen to me.
I felt like I was wrapped up in a comfortable or favorite blanket & God spoke to me through the Holy Spirit that He has me in His Hands, He Forgives me, He Loves me, Always Has Loved me, Always Will Love me.
When you experience Jesus, it is the most incredible event of your life. Everyone will have a different conversion experience. I wake up in the morning & the first thing on my mind is Thanks to God for keeping me through the night & thanks for blessing me with breath for starting another new day to walk with Him. I am compelled to share Him, His Love, His Peace, & His Mercy.
Once again since trusting in the Lord Jesus all my needs have always been met since 1994. I have so many blessings in my life that I cannot begin to share them. Please share your testimony with me as I enjoy reading about how people come to Jesus !

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