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Apple Baked Oatmeal

Ingredients for this delicious warm apple baked oatmeal dish can be modified as some fruits are in season or you may prefer using other types of healthy milk. I like coconut milk myself after learning how healthy it is. Apple Baked Oatmeal is filling & can be served year round. You can fix this oatmeal dish for breakfast, dinner or supper.

If your household members do not like plain oatmeal, serve this to them in a square and they should enjoy it.

apple baked oatmealIngredients:

2 cups organic oats

2 t. cinnamon

4 apricots, diced

2 apples, diced

2 pinches sea salt

1/2 t. nutmeg and/or clove

2 cups almond milk

3 T. raisins

4 t. dried cranberries

2 T. almond butter

1 t. allspice


Preheat oven at 350 degrees. Place all the ingredients in ceramic or glass baking dish ( 6 x 8 inch works well ) and stir well. Make sure ingredients are evenly distributed. If you like more spices than the recipe calls for, sprinkle them on top. Bake for 35-40 minutes depending on your oven. Divide into squares and enjoy !

After making this dish the first time, I have some hints. I would add the almond butter to your coconut or almond milk in your mixing bowl first as it is the most difficult to spread & get distributed evenly. Maybe add the spices next, then all your diced fruits, then add the oatmeal and stir everything up before placing in a non greased pyrex. The fruit & milk keeps the dish from sticking so there is no need to spray the pyrex with olive oil.

I topped mine with dried cherries & realized that you can place those on top after the dish has baked.

I know many people that add vegetables to other baked casserole like dishes so that their children will get vegetables into their diet. Most people like fruit so this is a way to get someone that doesn’t like oatmeal to have a healthy breakfast.

You can also increase your energy level by adding some Organic Greens to your diet each day. I have used Caldera Greens since 2010 and have plenty of energy to last all day. You can add a scoop to a glass of juice or water or make a tropical fruit smoothie. Find out more on my site below:

Organic Greens

There is an obesity problem in our nation so teaching children to eat like this instead of unhealthy sweetened cereal will do wonders for the child’s health.  When you mix lactose that is in cow’s milk with sugar, you are creating an alcohol like reaction inside of the person’s digestive system. This could show up as a child having attention deficit or acting aloof like an alcoholic does when under the influence.

I did not modify the recipe from the Hope for Health USA catalog. I purchase products from them & receive monthly gifts from them including a DVD with some Bible messages & a healthy recipe.

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  • I can’t wait to make this … I love all the ingredients and know it is a healthy dish. Perfect for someone like me who has been making more healthier food choices while losing weight. Sounds great for satisfying my sweet tooth 🙂

    • Barbara, I have a sweet tooth also so this was a healthy way to satisfy those cravings. Children should eat this instead of sugar sweetened cereals.

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