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Add 11 Years to Your Life

Original Bible Diet

Do you want to live 11 years longer than the normal life expectancy in today's world? Follow the very first diet that God created in the Bible. In the book of Genesis, God had fruits, grains, legumes, nuts and seeds for mankind to eat for food. Humans lived well over 800 years on this diet. Methusela lived for 969 years. Once sin entered the world and the flood came, man's life expectancy declined steadily. During King David's reign, the life expectancy had dropped to 70 years. Try the original diet for one week and experience what it is like to not eat animal products. Your body will respond and you will notice a difference.

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  • I went vegetarian about 6 years ago. Recommend removing animal products gradually so you don't feel deprived and your long term success rate will increase.

  • Getting recipes and ingredients together to show my parents how to fix healthy vegan meals that taste great.

  • Interesting premises for the post, Daniel…

    Of course, sin entered the world with Adam and Eve, so they were allowed to eat animals after that. Thus all subsequent long-living generations were also meat-eaters.


    • Thanks for sharing Comment Luv Premium with me! I believe God allowed man to add meat to the diet after the flood because the plants were destroyed in the flood.

  • The support for comment luv premium is awesome!

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