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Medical Missionary Work

Medical Missionary Work

medical-missionary-workMedical Missionary work is the journey that I am on in 2016. Medical missionary work involves using the skills God gives you to help people improve their health & well-being & quality of life.

When Jesus lived here on the earth, HE healed the blind, the lepers, the sick, and the outcasts of society. HE then taught them in parables so these very people HE healed would have a clear understanding of who God is and about God’s Pure Love.

In Medical Missionary Work, there are paid assignments & then just the person that shares their knowledge for free ( that is my case ). I let God take care of the finances and HE comes through all the time.

Only reason I share this info is I ended up doing what I do now through a series of events that were out of my control ( like I was ever in control in the first place….haha ).

Hospitalized in 1994 due to serious medical problems.

Graduated from Washington State University in 2005.

Invested in a small farm in 2005.

Career was outsourced in 2005. What now ?

A neighbor asked me if I wanted to do a Bible Study. Was open to this request as I had started the Read the Bible in One Year Plan in 2004.

Started attending Seventh-day Adventist Church & never went back to the Episcopal church where our mother took us ( sometimes ).

Noticed the Adventists spend an hour in worship service on the seventh-day Sabbath ( Saturday ) turning pages in the Bible to learn about God & how to apply the Bible to your life.

Was asked to agree to 28 fundamental principles that included allowing Jesus Christ into my heart to be my personal Savior. ( NO PROBLEM ) I had 34 years of self-will run riot experience so I was ready for God to take over.

Baptized by Immersion in September 2007.

The Adventists eat healthy meals as the fellowship dinners after worship are always a treat. I had already made the move to improving diet when I lost 70 pounds in 2000 by removing animal products from my diet ( recommend gradual change, not sudden ).

apple-dayGod somehow kept the mortgage paid on the small farm & for 5 years was able to harvest fresh organic fruits and vegetables to feed myself. There was so much as far as yield that I canned 150 quarts of green beans & kept Yukon gold potatoes most of the year to bring to fellowship dinner every Sabbath.

Chronic health problem required more education, reading, research so I decided to go full-time into Medical Missionary work. I share the way that God has kept me around through a lifestyle that includes the Newstart Principles. Notice the acronym NEWSTART.

Nutrition – My diet consists of mostly raw food ( 2 smoothies a day fruit in the morning & vegetables at dinner time) and a light supper like an oat patty or black bean burger with a green vegetable.

Exercise – My physical activity includes weight bearing exercises 6 days a week, 30 minutes on the maximum level of an elliptical trainer and ice skating or golf in season.

Water – I make a gallon of distilled water each day for drinking & cooking. I add a half teaspoon of pink Himalayan sea salt into the 3 liters that I drink. I use the Nutribullet to break the salt down.

Sunshine – I make it a priority of mine to get at least 30 minutes a day of walking outside in the sunshine. Because I live in the northern hemisphere, in the months where the sun is high in the sky, I walk towards the south ( front side gets exposure ) and turn around and walk towards the north ( back side gets exposure ). Between October and April, I will go for an hour or more as the sun angle is much lower.

Temperance – This is the principle of using good things moderately and avoiding bad things like alcohol, caffeine, drugs, gambling and tobacco.

Air – Living in the Pacific Northwest is a blessing as for the most part the air is healthy. I do my best to avoid getting around old vehicles that pollute the air in my immediate area. This principle also includes learning how to do some deep breathing which helps your body in many ways.

Rest – I have had times where insomnia has been an issue. We all have had a night that we did not get enough rest. The next day it is hard to function at your best. I use a few things to supplement what my body is no longer making as a result of ageing but none are prescription medications. I use all natural means like kava root, melatonin, and valerian root. I also have a small tincture bottle with half grapeseed oil and half lavender oil. Rub this mixture into the balls of your feet or on your shoulder to relax.

Faith and Spiritual Health

Faith and Wellness

Trust – Trust in God or Divine Power is easy for me. I have been blessed to meet probably tens of thousands of people in my life. Most of the people who I associate with believe in God and many are recovering from something even if it is just wanting to stop being a gossip. I believe to the very core of my being that God saw me in my affliction in 1994 and reached out to heal me. The help came from people at that time and it continues to this day. I am very active in Medical Missionary work and took the direction that God made clear to me after my job was outsourced in 2005. I am always at church on the Sabbath day, pray throughout each day, start my communication with God when I first wake up by saying thank you for another day and give thanks each night for the blessings of that day.

If I can help you in your life journey, please contact me from my Contact Page and send an email, send a Skype connection request or just phone me if you have my number.

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